Week 4 – Trolley Tamer

For this weeks game we remained in our super group to create a more arcade sort of time-trial game more suited for a casual mobile audience. Trolley Tamer has the player take on the role of a mall worker in a parking lot frantically collecting  trolleys and stacking them up, aiming to deposit them for score before the time runs out.


The game has a emphasis on the physical behavior of the trolleys; as the player collects more they become harder to handle but also offer a larger score bonus. In the final game the player will be contending with other elements that hinder their progress such as cars and pedestrians.

My contribution to this project was mainly the concepts and modeling/texturing of the car models that were  used throughout the level. With some shader help from Alex (http://alexmassaioli.wordpress.com/author/alexmassaioli/) We managed to get the car to have a dynamic paint job colour that could be randomized through code.

car pictures


Week 3 – Life Force

Teamed up with a  supergroup of 7 for this prototype including some from the Tank Game team.

LifeForce is a side-scrolling action game inspired by the likes of Castlevania and Trine. The premise behind LifeForce is that the player must sacrifice their health to perform certain abilities, in the prototype we focused on ranged combat magic.

Much of the major assets such as characters are recycled from old projects, including my Viking character who is used for the protagonist. However due to the large development team and extra time on our hands we managed to put in a lot of new content.



Jess Cooper – www.jesscooper.net
Princy Suarez:  http://www.princysuarez.wordpress.com

Cameron Smith: www.uprize.net

Alex Massaioli: http://alexmassaioli.wordpress.com/author/alexmassaioli/

Patric Quintal: http://patrickquintal.wordpress.com/

Serkan Ozcan: http://s3rk.wordpress.com/

The submitted build is playable here: http://www.uprize.net/MyGames/LifeForce/WebBuild.html

The above link requires the unity web player plugin in order to work.

I will have a video of the prototype in motion for future updates.

Week 2 – The Tank Game – Update

For the second week of prototyping our team became quite attached to our game that we decided to dedicate the second week of prototyping to making it better.

We ended up adding more in the way of power ups and experimented with other game modifiers such as reloading and overheating but this proved to diminish the hectic fun of the game so that was reverted to the default high firing rate without breaks.


We may in the future have a go at making it a full fledged game however we decided that it would be good to take a break from The Tank Game and try our hand at some different prototypes.


Week 1 – The Tank Game!

For the first Prototype I worked on in this assignment our Team created a 4 player versus game with tanks. Main inspiration for this game was Bomberman as can be seen in the level design.

My involvement with this project was mainly focused on creating art (including particle systems) for the game. My main job was creating the Tanks, I made 2 variants based on WW2 tanks with a stylized art style.


tank screen

^ example of the Sherman tank model used in game.

Each tank also has their own rig and a set of 3 animations including idle, firing and death.

I will include more art and video In further updates